Stardew Valley: The Gift That Keeps on Giving September 25th, 2017, 12:53 am
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Author Comments:

I loved Harvest Moon when I was younger, so, big shocker, I love Stardew Valley.
I did accidentally discover that instantly regifting your wife's present to her will not be met with disapproval, but rather delight that you knew exactly what she wanted. I suppose it is a convenient way to make sure she's happy but...

Posted @ August 27th, 2017, 5:55 pm

Posted @ November 18th, 2019, 2:20 am

Reader Comments:

...I have to say that the second panel looks amazing. Why do you rarely draw noses?

Posted @ September 25th, 2017, 2:18 am

@Guest: Well... I... I admit myself caught off guard by the compliment. Thank you. I rarely draw noses because I'm a lazy potato.

Posted @ September 25th, 2017, 3:48 am

Yeah I accidentally did this as well. Maybe by making you coffee in the morning she's just trying to hint that she would very much like you to make her coffee some time? ;) (Which she definitely deserve after being the one to wake up first every single morning to get your kid out of bed)

Posted @ September 25th, 2017, 3:24 pm

@zenat: nothing wrong with being a lazy potato. granted, as far as potatos go, it's the energetic ones that turn out shifty.

Posted @ September 25th, 2017, 4:51 pm

I ALSO love Harvest Moon! Have you played the Story of Seasons games?

Posted @ September 26th, 2017, 9:26 am

I love stardew valley

Posted @ September 28th, 2017, 12:32 am

@zenat: excuse you, you drew the wrong grill, should have been a tyson make or the Emily one that was there.

Posted @ September 29th, 2017, 9:36 pm

@BX073: It is entirely possible that she's giving me a big ol' hint. I'm still not wasting my resources on coffee beans to make her coffee. Sorry, Leah, but no. The greenhouse will remain dominated by the blueberry plants.

@Blazypika2: I would like to say, in my defense, that I DO paint proper pictures at times too haha

@Guesty Guestface: Ah, I googled! Isn't it Harvest Moon the series, more or less? That being said, I've only ever played the old Harvest Moon game so, the answer is still "unfortunately no, but I want to"

Posted @ October 2nd, 2017, 11:18 am

@zenat: Yep! So now Story of Seasons = Harvest Moon, and Harvest Moon = not Harvest Moon, actually. Really makes things easy to follow.

I also thoroughly enjoy Rune Factory games, which are 'fantasy Harvest Moon' and quite fun. Of course, these are all on the DS (if not 3DS...I don't recall exactly), so depending on whether or not you have one, this is basically just me sharing useless information. BUT STILL. YOU SHOULD KNOW.

Posted @ October 3rd, 2017, 10:50 am