Tortured Templar January 18th, 2016, 12:16 am
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Author Comments:

Sorry Cullen, you were not nearly enough of a trainwreck for our tastes in Inquisition. Samson though, A+, 10/10, would kick the shit out of him again.

Posted @ December 21st, 2015, 4:22 pm

Posted @ November 12th, 2019, 2:04 am

Reader Comments:

Cullen, you're too handsome to be tortured. You should know this!

Posted @ January 18th, 2016, 12:38 am

I have to admit I was never impressed with Samson. I was far more impressed with Calperna as far as Corpheus's dragons went both story wise and as a character.

Posted @ January 18th, 2016, 4:53 am

Ah Samson, though I doubt that you will be a companion in Dragon Age: Tevinter I shall so wish that you are. He'd definitely be one of the more interesting Bioware companions if so made. After all unlike Calpernia I do not think Samson CAN die in the game. Soo. . . See you in the next game? *hopeful*

Posted @ January 18th, 2016, 11:31 pm

@aline1: Truly? I've always felt the exact opposite. Samson had been established as an character already so it was so much more gratifying to learn why he went down the route that he did. Calpernia just felt kinda... bland to me.

Posted @ January 20th, 2016, 10:55 am

@Willinium: Different tastes I guess. Calpernia had understandable respectable motivations dealing with saving and reforming her homeland and she was honestly respected by Corpheus who freed her from slavery. Corpheus also regrets what he feels he will have to do to her after drinking from the well and laments that the potential of people like her are wasted in modern Tevinter simply because of their orgins which he implies in his journals would have never happened in ancient Tevinter.

Also she never dies in game, the developers went out of their way so that even if you defeated her instead of talking her down she still gets away with the possibility of being alive.

Posted @ January 20th, 2016, 11:18 am

@Willinium: I'm pretty sure you can decide to execute Samson.... I think.

Posted @ February 3rd, 2016, 6:24 pm

@Billie: To make sure that I wasn't speaking from madness I double checked the wiki. Samson can not actually die from trial. He is either exiled sent away imprisoned or forced to serve in the Inquisition under Commander Cullen.

Posted @ February 3rd, 2016, 6:27 pm

I kept him alive as an experient because we need data on how to pwn red lyrium.

Funny reveal, so is Samson Loghain 2?

Posted @ January 19th, 2018, 7:31 pm

@wildmageguy: I mean... a little yes....

Posted @ January 20th, 2018, 3:22 am