Hawkward part 3: White Lies December 1st, 2014, 12:06 am
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Author Comments:

There was just that slight issue of having the story that people know as a playable intro, before you get to customize your Hawke...
Took a break from playing Inquisition to do this. Mainly because I'm too afraid to go forward with one of the plotlines and I've procrastinated with sidequests to high heavens already. Living in denial and fear is apparently better than knowing.

Posted @ November 29th, 2014, 3:24 pm

Posted @ October 22nd, 2019, 10:22 pm

Reader Comments:

@zenat: Oh, the anxiety of not knowing if your choices will kill the world dead.

Posted @ December 1st, 2014, 6:36 am

Denial and Fear (and dancing like the World were ending): brought to you by learning of Shepard's fate too early.

While I'm not certain and you needn't mention whichever point might you be referring to, I'm sure that you're going to do just fine!

I mean, have you seen the sword you're given, that one time and with great pomp? I'm sure that nothing a person found fit of waving a sword like that on occasion could possibly go awry.

Not for the Inquisition, certainly! We're all far too pretty to die, no?

(Out of curiosity, could you perhaps reveal which classes have you both picked for yourselves?)

Posted @ December 1st, 2014, 8:07 am

What Guest said.

Also, I'll forever hold it against you if you pass up on the chance to make a "Nobody expects the [country of origin in Thedas] Inquisition!"-Joke. ;)

Posted @ December 1st, 2014, 9:22 am

@Deonis: The sad part? Bioware made a nobody expects the inquisition joke and I... didn't expect it. Not when it happened. And I just sat there all "... but..." as it went on and on XD

@Guest: I pushed on. And I now regret the decision that I made. I regret a lot of decisions I have made. This is Dragon Age: Regrets. This one regret is on the level of I might load an older save file and undo it. But at the same time I don't want to do that either. All the regret.
We both ended up playing female elven mages, haha. Even sadder than that, we are playing way too similar playthroughs and romancing the same character, after hesitating because of the same other character. We have officially evolved into a hive mind.

Posted @ December 1st, 2014, 10:28 am

@zenat: Than you're a person much greater than many of us (the choice company though we might be) in ways beyond bravery alone for pushing on and sticking with your choices.

Yes... Too often do I find myself either pleading ignorance to the intent which the mercurial Dialogue Wheel might infer, or second guessing and scrutinizing my character's motivation into a dark abyss, in order to claim any spine when it comes to decision making.

Still, I relish the choices I make, and seldom they are truly easy. All mine, however.

Oh, and in regards to your cordial likeness, I think that any of us who found themselves revisiting the stories after x time, to create the precise same character with a pinch of hindsight sprinkled on the cheeks, proceed to take the selfsame path, take the exact decisions and so on... We can sympathise.

Really, I like to think we must be terrific people, considering. Faithful to our conscience, our beating hearts extended on an open hand outstretched; By the Gods of RP we begin, and we're ended.

Ahem... I should go.

(Whoops. Sorry about skipping my nick one over. One doesn't see pop-up comment form to often, these days. Well, not Capitan Comfort Zone, they don't.)

Posted @ December 1st, 2014, 12:56 pm


Since Varric is telling this to Cassandra and is just starting the story, and you haven't gone to the CC yet, maybe he hasn't described them at all, and seeing them as Whitey McWhitersons is Cassandra's own go-to for yet-undescribed characters? I mean, I know why it probably actually is that way, but it could be one possible explanation. ?? Anyway.... still love it :D Always await your updates eagerly~

Posted @ December 1st, 2014, 1:22 pm