Dragon Age Inquisition June 17th, 2013, 12:12 am
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Author Comments:

Our best guess is that Morrigan lost a bet. And that Alistair is very, very happy.

Posted @ December 19th, 2016, 8:28 am

Posted @ November 18th, 2019, 3:01 am

Reader Comments:

*a lot of laughing and gasping for air*

Good lord that was funny.

Posted @ June 17th, 2013, 2:23 am

~~~Festooned with riffles

Posted @ June 17th, 2013, 4:26 am

Leliana finally got to her.

Posted @ June 17th, 2013, 9:36 am

At least Alistair didn't make her wear a block of cheese

Posted @ June 17th, 2013, 1:03 pm

@Griffen: you don't wear the cheese; the cheese wears YOU.

Posted @ June 17th, 2013, 1:48 pm

i wonder who picked out the vagina medallion on her chest

Posted @ June 17th, 2013, 6:13 pm

Ooh, ooh, ooh, I know: It means Morrigan must have been captured or (much less likely)recruited by the seekers.

Posted @ June 17th, 2013, 9:07 pm

@Deonis: I am glad you found it funny :D *pumps fist in victory gesture*

@magbie: and shame XD

@Viktormon: I feel sorry for Morrigan XD

@Griffen: Imagine a dress made out of cheese ;D. Frills in cheese.

@BASS: ...I didn't even see that...oh dear, cannot unsee XD. Frankly, it wouldn't surprise me if it was Leliana.

@Norgrath: Captured, definitely captured XD.

Posted @ June 19th, 2013, 3:17 am

Just noticed the evil smiling face in the background of the middle part... Not sleeping tonight.

Posted @ June 19th, 2013, 4:25 am