[ME3 spoilers] Liara the Sensitive February 25th, 2013, 12:46 am
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Author Comments:

Also known as "That moment when I lost the last drop of patience with Liara, and wanted nothing more than to punch her in the face."

And to this day I resent that the game insisted that I cared that Thessia burned. I did not. I never liked the asari (except for Samara), and if there was one race that could survive the destruction of their homeworld, then it was the asari. Live a millennia, can breed with other races, all over the galaxy... yeah, they're fucking fine. Let's focus on the turians here.

Posted @ February 2nd, 2013, 5:50 pm

Posted @ October 22nd, 2019, 10:20 pm

Reader Comments:

@zenat: i feel your pain

Posted @ February 25th, 2013, 1:01 am

@zenat: I felt more worried about the krogans really. I mean, depending on the actions in game you either JUST unsterilized them or leave them sterile.

Posted @ February 25th, 2013, 6:40 am

@Griffen - oh... oh the feels. Everytime someone brings up the unsterilization of the krogans, I think of Mordin. ;u; Mordin should have been romancable -sniffles-

Posted @ February 25th, 2013, 7:36 am

I even had trouble caring about Earth. I mean, literally the first time we see the place in the entire trilogy is when the Reapers attacked it, and we're supposed to care? Or about that kid that got blown up? I disliked him long before *spoilers*.

I think BioWare dropped the ball pretty badly in a few places when it came to wanting us to care about things. I didn't care about Earth because I never went there in the games, and humans are literally everywhere anyway. I didn't care about Thessia for the same reason because the Asari were the first to turn their backs to me. When I arrived there, I kind of yelled 'told ya so!' at my screen.
I kind of cared about Palaven, because I simply adore Turian pragmatism, and I only cared about Tuchanka and the Krogan in playthroughs where Wrex was alive.

I also mainly cared about people, and characters. Less so about locations. Crops can be regrown and homes rebuilt and all that...

Posted @ February 25th, 2013, 7:59 am

Oh, Bioware, your favoritism is showing! OMG Liara is saaaaad, see her planet burning, let's all comfort her. Nevermind the fact that every bloody planet is burning, no, this is "different" because it's important to Liara.
I like to think that my snarky Shepard was totally deadpanning the sympathy, complete with eyeroll over the melodramatic way Liara reacted to damn near everything on Thessia.

Posted @ February 25th, 2013, 10:43 am

I honestly didn't have much of an issue with Liara until THIS happened. I know you're only barely over a hundred or whatever and so basically still a kid, but if my planet is ground-fucking-zero you can man up a bit. "I'm so sorry about Earth." "YOU JUST DON'T UNDERSTAND WHAT IT'S LIKE TO WATCH YOUR WORLD BURN AND PEOPLE DIIIIEEE!"

I get a little too worked up over this subject. o.o;

Posted @ February 26th, 2013, 10:07 pm

@Almightyra: I know this hurts you.

@Griffen: Yeah, I can see that if you care about the korgans, they'd be top priority. For those of us who dislike them and are willing to let our feelings cloud our judgment... well...

@Lynneiah: Oh Earth. I didn't care at all about you. Nevermind that kid. It was one kid in billions. My renegade Shepard had no reason to get attached to him, so the nightmares... eh.
I get what you're saying. Since I am very fond of many of the turians we meet, Palaven was the main source of 'I need to stop the reapers' for me.

@Guest: Let's just say that when that paragon option appeared, I sat and looked at it, waiting for it to go away. I didn't know what it did at the time, but there was no way I was hugging Liara after all of that.

@SpaghettiNoose: I understand. I didn't care for her, but then this happened and... nothing like double standards to turn a 'you can just leave now, please' into 'fuck off' :I

Posted @ February 27th, 2013, 2:19 am

@zenat: Yes! That's exactly what I mean! If you have an entire two games of a trilogy to make us care about things, don't expect us to care about things we've never seen! If Earth were a major hub in at least one of the previous games, I probably would've cared.

Posted @ February 27th, 2013, 8:40 am

This! This expresses my sentiments clearly. I was never attatched to Liara like I was with the others, but the whole third game I learned to dislike her because of this. To me, her only redeeming factor was that she created that information box for future races in case the galaxy failed. Still didn't like her hypocrisy and I don't consider her one of my Shepard's closest friends. I'm glad others have felt this way, whenever I brought it up to people around me they don't understand and don't see it.

Posted @ February 27th, 2013, 2:31 pm

To be fair to Liara, after playing ME 3 again she has a little more reason to be upset. Earth and Palaven are still fighting, Thessia just falls.

Posted @ March 9th, 2013, 10:54 am

@Griffen: I got the impression that it was just the beginning of the attack on Thessia. Earth didn't do too great at first either.

Posted @ March 11th, 2013, 4:25 am

She was my LI

She was my love interest, I mean female, shy, nerdy, etc. I really liked here.
But in game 3 she just behaved odd. Like everybody.
A huge stampede (aka reaper) like a horde comes, what shall we do?
Righ, we stand and sit here, so they kann simply smash us. Seriously, where went his brain?
Greetings from Germany!

Posted @ August 11th, 2013, 4:10 pm

Finally someone understands me. I've always felt like BioWare was shoving her down my throat. I think it goes without saying that I refused to mind meld with her at the end of the game

Posted @ November 23rd, 2013, 11:59 am

You know, I saw this comic before playing ME3, and I spent a lot of time disliking Liara because I thought this would happen. Instead, when my Shep sees Kai Leng escape and feels frustrated after having failed the mission, Liara COMFORTS Shep. The woman's seeing the huge Reapers landing on her planet and she takes the time to comfort Shepard. I was shocked.
Then Shepard goes to her cabin, and Liara is feeling sorry for the asari and wondering what she could have done differently, but she doesn't back off once. She immediately starts working to help the refugees. So I ended up wishing I hadn't spent time disliking her the way I disliked Tali's stupid selfish suicide when you tell the geth to continue uploading the info after you've told the quarians repeatedly to stop attacking the self-preserving robots -_- *grumbles*

Posted @ April 12th, 2014, 9:56 am

@Natah: Well, we all have different experiences playing the games. Tali didn't commit suicide on my first playthrough, for an example, and the quarians and the geth were all sort of reasonable in the end so I don't share those frustrations of yours. On the other hand, this was my first playthrough with Liara, so yeah... Different playthroughs, different experiences.

Posted @ April 13th, 2014, 7:55 am

Oh, I'm sure of that! :) I was mostly wondering whether this had to do with paragon/renegade, or maybe it was just the sum of all the interactions you had with the character before. It's always fun to see the differences.

Posted @ April 13th, 2014, 9:52 pm

@Natah: I did play renegade, but I think it had a lot to do with the fact that my Shepard never bonded with Liara. Every time the game wanted them to have a Moment, I backed out if I could. There was no opening up and talking about her own feelings for my Shepard, even if she tried supporting her crew. That might have done it, I don't know.

Posted @ April 14th, 2014, 12:41 am

Ok. Often you get great insights of the games and made me laugh, but this one here is very inaccurate and unfair with Liara. With the Kaidan/Ashley scene, she's hurrying you to get treatment to him/her. And She talks with Garrus offering a hear to him.

Posted @ December 24th, 2017, 8:48 pm