Reading between the lines June 6th, 2011, 6:07 am
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Author Comments:

Posted @ November 12th, 2019, 1:59 am

Reader Comments:

Sounds like Orsino is in some serious trouble there.

I guess that's why Merideth keeps him locked away in the circle. ;)

Posted @ June 6th, 2011, 2:21 pm

Poor old man

I saw that Orsino needs lube... and something about the knight-commander..
Poor man

Posted @ June 6th, 2011, 8:08 pm

My husband and I love the one, reminds us of the two Spam/Phishing type letters you receive in game.

Posted @ July 2nd, 2011, 11:31 pm


The "Robe and Wizard Hat" one reminds me of that BloodNinja guy. ;D Was THAT what they were up to?

Posted @ July 28th, 2011, 9:07 am

I REALLY am tempted to see what they did with Ander's robe and wizard hat.

Posted @ August 18th, 2011, 1:58 am

Dat Thrask letter.

Posted @ September 10th, 2013, 2:27 am